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Name:Louis de Pointe du Lac
Birthdate:Jul 3
Louis de Pointe du Lac was born in France on October 4, 1766, to a Roman Catholic family who emigrated to North America when he was very young. His mother, sister and brother, Paul, lived just outside New Orleans on one of their two indigo plantations, named Pointe du Lac after the family. This was the place where Louis' brother died, after a terrible quarrel with Louis. Louis had always thought that he was to blame and never got over the guilt of his brother's death. He became self-destructive, cynical and desperate, and longed for the release of death, but lacked the courage to commit suicide. He took to frequenting taverns and other places of ill repute. He got into fights and duels in order that someone might make the decision for him and kill him to end his misery.

It was one of these nights, in a tavern brawl, that he caught the eye of the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt, who fell "fatally in love" with the tragic Creole planter, appeared to him as an angel and offered him an alternative to his desperate, meaningless life. Lestat, upon seeing for the first time Louis'"fine black hair" and deep green eyes, and sensing his passion, was completely and immediately seduced not only by Louis's beauty, but also by his tragedy and human heart; "He seduced the tenderness in me." Lestat made Louis into a vampire, his immortal companion in 1791, and it was Louis with whom he would live, love, and kill for nearly a century to come.

Muses is well over eighteen and Mun is as well. ^^
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